Member Benefits


Member Benefits

The purpose of the National Association Executives Forum is to enhance the knowledge and skills of members through professional education related to management, human resources, communications, health & welfare and retirement issues and to offer exclusive group and individual insurance programs. As a member of NAEF, you have access to affordable employee benefits and life-long financial security education programs.

Retirement Solutions

Only NAEF members in good standing have access to the corporate retirement plan offerings that are sponsored through the NAEF Master Trust. 

  • NAEF sponsors 401(k) and 401(a) plans for both profit and nonprofit members.
  • NAEF sponsors 457(b) and 457(f) plans available to nonprofit members only.There are numerous financial education resources available through NAEF and partner and member organizations from networking events to live and on-demand webinars. 


NAEF members are eligible for in-house assistance with staff training. Our financial specialists can schedule a half-day educational workshop in your offices to help your staff understand the value of your NAEF benefits and to encourage them to invest more to their retirement.

  • Fidelity’s Retirement Quick Check provides a snapshot of whether you are on track with retirement savings. It also provides suggestions where appropriate to help users get back on track. It’s a detailed tool, so plan to spend at least 30 minutes with it. The result is a detailed action plan. Click here.
  • Visit our financial planning library at for current programs.

Insurance Solutions

NAEF offers comprehensive, cost-effective, competitive investment and insurance programs from employee benefits and retirement, to business operations and property and casualty. Over 200 organizations currently participate in the many benefit programs sponsored by NAEF.