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Meet The Providers

Meet The Providers


Fidelity is the #1 provider of defined contribution plans in the marketplace. With a 98% client satisfaction score, Fidelity’s Retirement Plan Services offers Associations a powerful way to get retirement-ready. Their market-leading platform helps control costs, streamline administration, and run an efficient, effective plan that prepares your employees for retirement. After all, Fidelity knows that the benefits you provide are about more than your workplace. They’re about life. As a proud partner to NAEF, Fidelity has been helping NAEF members thrive and prepare for the life they’ve always wanted.


Unum helps millions of employees protect their families, their finances and their futures. Offering NAEF members comprehensive coverages, backed by superior technology and unparalleled support — and delivered where and when it’s needed most. It’s no wonder 1 in 3 companies on the Fortune 500 list offer UNUM benefits to their employees. IF you want to work with a true market-leader in workplace benefits, come and find the NAEF UNUM benefit Plan that’s right for you!

NAEF Remains a Community That’s Committed To Building Long-Term Financial Health

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