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 Our trained financial advisors are available to review your current plans and compare them against others in the industry to show you where you stand. No push or pull. We just want to show you what is available and what's best for your association's employees.

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Our Community Partners Help Us All Stay On Track

For over twenty years, organizations in the nonprofit community have put their trust in the National Association Executives Forum to provide the best value in employee benefits and life-long financial security education for members of their staff.  As an NAEF member, you can participate in the NAEF Master Plan to help your staff prepare for a secure financial future. 

We understand the needs and challenges you face finding the right benefits to keep your staff happy. Our investment committee carefully selects products for inclusion in the retirement Master Plan. Low-cost group term-life and disability benefits packages are available to round out your employee coverage. All this is overseen by association professionals just like you

NAEF works closely with Fidelity's investment analysts to select a balanced portfolio of investment options. Individual participants have choices and the ability to change their investment plan as needed in order to meet their goals.

Retirement plan participants interact frequently with our Third Party Administrator (TPA), Preferred Pension Planning Corp. (PPPC)  to make deposits and manage their individual plans. PPPC has a team of highly trained professionals who understand how important benefits programs are to your association and your staff.

Our Unum benefits plans were developed specifically for NAEF members, and our ongoing financial education programs, conducted throughout the country - in-house and on-line - are scheduled to meet your organization's needs.

NAEF is made up of organizations just like your association; we understand your needs


Our members are all part of the same community

The National Association Executives Forum was created by associations for associations in 2000 to enhance the knowledge and skills of more than 200 organizations and their employees - association staff - by providing education related to management, human resources, communications, health and welfare, and retirement issues. We understand the needs and challenges you face finding the right benefits to keep your staff happy because all of us face them, too.

Together, we leverage the power of associations to get better benefits for you and  your staff. Association professionals just like you -  CEOs, CFOs, HR directors, finance managers, and other administrative staff tasked with maintaining the best staff and member services -  are drawn to the National Association Executives Forum because of the trust and knowledge in our program.

Partnering with the best in the business, Fidelity, Unum, The Haney Company and Preferred Pension Planning Corp., NAEF has a variety of targeted benefits plans specifically attuned to your association's needs. Join the National Association Executives Forum to provide your staff with the benefits and financial education they need to invest in a secure future.

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Together, we leverage the power of associations to get better benefits for your staff. Join the National Association Executives Forum - provide your staff with the education they need to invest in a financially secure future. 

Resources and reference

Already a member? Need help with your benefits plan? Try these contacts first:

Jill Martineau Cornish, IOM, 

NAEF Executive Director, 301.257.8666

The Haney Company, Allen, Brian and Scott Haney, 301.593.0600

Preferred Pension Planning Corp.

Kristin L. Sneed, 908.575.7575

Fidelity Investments, 

Peter Mahoney, 617.563.3722

Unum, Derrick Hines, 973.658.3674

BenefitMall, Baltimore, 

Jennifer Sellman, 410.512.3841

Thanks for visiting us at ASAE Columbus!

A number of NAEF members came by to visit with us at the ASAE convention in Columbus OH in August. We shared The Haney Company's booth and, as always, we had DOUBLE PADDING to rest our feet and yours! (After hearing all the Ahhhhhs, we suggest you mention how important double padding is when your association participates in a trade show.) 

Allen, Scott and Brian Haney discussed how NAEF benefit and retirement programs can meet your needs. They met with many visitors to explain why the NAEF plan is the best option for your organization's staff. NAEF executive director Jill Martineau Cornish, IOM, was there to welcome members, old friends and soon-to-be friends. Thanks so much for stopping by to visit us!

Didn't make it to ASAE this year? We are happy to set up a time to talk to you at your convenience. 

Financial spotlight

NAEF members have access to many financial education resources. This month's spotlight is on ways to retire college debt.  Find a better way to pay off student debt will walk you through some realistic repayment options.

Don't let your child's college loans destroy your own plans. Will student loan debt destroy your retirement? can help.

In a recent Color of Money column, financial advisor Michelle Singletary talked about deceptive repayment scams that sound oh so promising.

If you have burdensome student loans, Singletary recommends you go to StudentAid.ed.gov/sa/repay-loans. The FTC also has a dedicated website for student loan information: ftc.gov/studentloans.

NAEF Board

The NAEF Board and Investment Committee meets quarterly, usually in Washington DC. The next regularly scheduled meeting is December 11. Interested in serving on the board? Contact Chairman Ken Doyle, CAE. 

The best plan for you

NAEF's advisor, The Haney Company, can now benchmark your current retirement plan with others available in the association community. Think you have "the best" for yourself and your association's staff? 

What's YOUR question?

We are always happy to help you with your association's benefits needs. We will benchmark your current plan, seek out other options, calculate your benefits needs and work with your HR staff to promote top staff benefits.


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